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  • Discussion thread from previous developer forum: Form Auto-Submit with if-else to check for anonymous In the A/O Knowledge Base, there is a jQuery snippet that you can add to a Form to automatically submit the form. Basically, the system will ID the ...

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  • Hi, I found the following URL about tracking video plays using a competing MA tool but it looks like you could use this also for Act-On.  I am no javascript specialist. But i somebody might want to try it and share the succes story? See https://www.laptoptimpanist.com/en/hubspot-tips-and-tricks/track-youtube-videos-hubspot ...

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    Release Notes

    Does Act-On keep record of release notes for updates made to the available APIs? I've found some release notes here , but I don't know how official this resources is. ------------------------------ Jon Falkenstein ------------------------------

  • We would like the option of sending one email address to PUT /api/1/list/optout instead of sending a csv file.  Just like when opting out from a subscription category. ------------------------------ Nirari Barm Java Developer, Gorilla Group -------- ...

  • Hi Rodrigo, I apologize as there were some DNS changes that had been switched around. The links should be working properly now. Cheers! ------------------------------ Sean Chu Sr Solutions Engineer, Act-On Software ------------------------------

  • Hi Amila, This sounds like something where our support team would be the best first step. Simply send your support ticket in as you would any other and they will either be able to provide instructions to get this solved or they will escalate the issue ...

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    RE: Google Apps Script

    Sounds like you guys have identified an interesting integration we could build. Would you mind summing it up in a post over in the Feature Ideas & Enhancements discussion area? That's where we are managing all of the suggestions from the community and ...

  • Scott, we moved away from headers in a lot of cases (suppressed) - or just left a basic one line "open email in browser / opt-out link" in the header for some clients. For the most part we've done what Sean is suggesting where the "Header" is really ...

  • I am curious if anyone knows if we can leverage the Get Message API to pull a "campaigns message" report? https://developer.act-on.com/endpoint/get-message-report/ To remind everyone, in the backend you can run a roll-up report for all messages in ...

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