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    RE: New Erase Tool

    Hi @Danyelle Dellolio At my company we have done some testing with the Erase Contact tool to better understand how it works, as the University article is vague in places. We have found that: It took the Act-On system three weeks to action ...

  • Hi. Anyone using the Consent Withdrawal Request form on their subscription management page? If someone fills it out, do I need to also use the Erase Contact Tool or is following the directions to "clear records" enough? I'm inclined to get rid of this ...

  • Thanks for your reply Sion. I think I will use this approach too.  Many thanks Carol ------------------------------ Carol Davis-Mann Marketing Manager, Triton Consulting Ltd ------------------------------

  • Does anyone have a list of the actual cookie names? We are  working on this for GDPR compliance, and I'm finding things that appear to be act-on related - e.g., they begin with "ao"  or they have our customer number embedded in the name. Unbelievable ...

  • ANSWER!!!!! David Valdez is quickly becoming my favorite Act-On person! Here is why: Natasha, Below is essentially how our own web agency changed the look and feel of our cookie pop-up. This is just a sample of what can be done. The screenshots demonstrate ...

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    Act-on Data Retention

    Hi all - I've scoured the University, as well as Act-on's GDPR docs, but can't find an answer to this. Has anyone come up with an automated way to remove data after a certain period of time? Doing it manually is very time consuming! ------------------------------ ...

  • Our team has compiled important GDPR information and posted it in the Act-On University. View the article here: GDPR FAQs This page covers many questions we have heard from customers. Please review it to get the most current information. If you ...

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  • Hi Folks! I'm sharing a quick update that the Erase Contact Tool was scheduled for release last night but we had to push this back to May 25th. Hang tight! ------------------------------ Lauren Mulkern Technical Solutions Engineer, Act-On Software - ...