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  • Also worth noting that when you enter a personalisation field like the others have mentioned above, if you are not always certain that the field will be filled in (ie not blank) then you need to tell Act-On what the value would be if it isn't blank or ...

  • Awesome!  Thank you for the feedback.  I will let our Head of EMEA Marketing, Katie Jameson, know and maybe we will see you there soon. Melissa​ ------------------------------ Melissa Tatham ------------------------------

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    I gave some feedback to the support team and they recommended I post it here so that it could potentially be picked up for future releases. The functionality to block internal IP addresses isn't great. Many IP addresses that are marked as internal still ...

  • Hi @Richard Evans (and anyone else with this issue), When I first posted this article, there was a slight typo. If you are seeing "zwnj" in your preview/header, you have two options: 1. Re-copy the code from my original article (I have updated ...

  • I've got a form using conditional logic for the countries (to show an opt-in and be GDPR compliant) and users that choose any of those countries still show up in SalesForce but not in the campaign that I have the form set to push entries to (static, not ...

  • Nice! I will look into that. Thank you! ------------------------------ Corie Stark Marketing Specialist, Symmetry Software ------------------------------

  • Hi Act-On Users!  I am a member of several marketing meet-ups in Portland but am curious to learn what the hot marketing meet-ups are in your area. Would love to hear from you. Thanks!  Melissa ------------------------------ Melissa Tatham ------- ...

  • Thank you Phil! I definitely don't want to accidentally delete our entire list. I will reach out to our account manager to see if we can set something up. ------------------------------ Lindsay Craft Marketing Campaign & Events Manager, Cerium Networks ...