Privacy & Compliance

1.  GDPR Update

Posted 01-03-2018 13:25
We have updated our FAQ on the GDPR HUB to include a status on our preparedness, let me know if you have any questions, cheers.  
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David Fowler
Head of Compliance & Deliverability, Act-On Software

2.  RE: GDPR Update

Posted 6 days ago

Hi @David Fowler

With just 50 working days until GDPR takes effect, we now urgently need you to tell us how the software will handle the 'right to be forgotten'. It is impossible for customers to put in place GDPR-compliant processes without knowing this. As things stand, Act-On is a potential compliance liability for customers, as there is no way for us to process an indivdual's right to data erasure.

Sion Stedman
Idox Software Ltd